Creative Acts- Week Six (28/10/12)

For this week’s creative act, I looked at my personality type, particularly the sensation vs. intuition functions in my creative frame of mind. Looking at my personality test, I lean towards the sensation function spectrum of things. So, I suppose, creatively, according to this website, I’m the kind of artist that draws from past ideas or things I’ve seen. I suppose that’s true. I do like sticking with familiarity and I use references very often when I make art.

In particular, I really enjoy drawing from stock photography. I like looking at human poses, for instance, and drawing them as different people. In order to complete this creative act this week, I decided I was going to try something for the intuition function, meaning, I’m going to draw or create something new, something without reference to anything. I decided to draw something that exists only in my own imagination, so I decided to go with mythical creatures, as there’s no limit to the diverse originality that comes from the idea of their existence and physical appearance.

This was the result.



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